Choose TLR For Your Weekly Driving Lessons

Grade 'A' DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

Highly recommended, fully qualified driving instructor in North Hykeham and Lincoln with excellent pass rate. Lessons are taught in a manual dual controlled Audi A3 S-Line or automatic driving lessons in a Toyota Yaris.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a learner driver with some previous experience. You will learn to drive to a high standard, enabling you to pass your driving test in the shortest time possible and mastering the skills that will make you a safer driver for life. Alongside the practical driving, free access to theory test training will also be provided, helping you learn everything you need to know at no extra cost.

Prices are competitive and include great value extras including:

  • Free Theory Test Training
  • Free Hazard Perception Training
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Pass Plus
  • Motorway Tuition


Latest Pass Testimonials

Amber Beech - Passed with Zero Minors 19/06/2020
Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor! Going from absolutely zero driving experience to feeling much more confident and comfortable behind the wheel is all thanks to Tom. He doesn’t waste any time on lessons, and always gets straight to the point to help you get passed quickly! Thanks for everything, will miss the gossip and the laughs!

Amber Beech
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Dmitry Yarwood - Passed 1st Time 9 Driving Lessons 16/03/2020
Great instructor, really helpful, fun and got me through my test first time after only 9 lessons, had a great time learning with him and would highly recommend.

Dmitry Yarwood
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Jadie Coyle - Passed 1st Time Automatic 14/03/2020
Highly recommend Tom Ross to anyone! Has the patience of a saint which was definitely needed at first with me and totally gave me the confidence I was lacking behind the wheel. Such a laugh and put me at complete ease, reminding me constantly I was capable!I'm glad I've just passed, the first of Tom's automatic lessons, but I will miss driving with Tom because of the banter! All in all swell guy, who goes above and beyond for his students!

Jadie Coyle
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Lucy Heywood - Passed with 14 Lessons 03/03/2020
Highly recommend! He is very concise and to the point with constructive criticism and explains where there needs to be improvement in a way which is easily understood.

Lucy Heywood
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Nathan Shasby - Passed 22/02/2020
Quite chilled out and fun to talk to as a person, a better teacher though. By far, top quality in Lincoln.

Nathan Shasby
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